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15 May 2010 @ 12:20 pm
Feedback, Questions, Abuse, or an affiliate request - leave that here in the comments.
15 May 2010 @ 03:08 pm
If you're interested in submitting a prompt you can submit that HERE, or you can click HERE to browse our Master Prompt List.

Otherwise, click the link below to browse through stories that have already been filled, and definitely leave some love for the authors!


15 May 2010 @ 03:07 pm
If you're interested in submitting a prompt you can submit that HERE.

Please click the link below to see the full list of prompts that have not yet been filled & write away! :)

15 May 2010 @ 03:03 pm
We don't have many rules around here, but we do have to have a few:

++ Before you do anything, please read the user info for more details on what is going on in here.

++ If you have a pairing but need some *cough* help chosing a prompt, head over here for every kink known to man (or fangirl). It's an ~*education*~ you guise.

++ Once you have one, please check the Master List of Prompts before you post it, in case someone has already been requested.

++ If a kind soul has already written your prompt, worship them and if you’re really greedy, request it again.

++ If your kink has been requested but hasn’t been written yet, please be patient. Requesting it a second time won’t make a difference and it’s annoying to have seventeen requests for Puck giving Rachel a pearl necklace. (But you’re welcome to ‘second’ an existing prompt as that may encourage an author to write it.)

++ If your prompt hasn’t already been requested/written, reply to this entry with a pairing/moresome and a kink (e.g. Finn/Quinn – sex in public).

++ Authors – if you like a prompt, please respond to it in the comments making sure that your fic has the pairing, prompt, rating and any warnings in the subject line (e.g. Puck/Kurt, rimming – NC-17 – Warnings: dub-con)

++ If you request something, you should write something for someone else or leave feedback for another author. If you don't, karma will kick your ass. For reals.

++ Request/write as many fics as you like. However, please only include one prompt per comment. If you have more than one request, put them in different comments.

++ Reply anonymously or not, but all anonymous posters are welcome here. And whatever you write is your own, so do with it what you will. If you want to archive anything on your journals or fic communities, then of course you can.

++ And last but certainly not least: no flaming, no outing, no judging. Let's play nice, kids. Please.

[Most fandoms have one, but if you've never done one of these before, check out the Doctor Who Kink Meme to see how it works. If you have anything you want to say about this meme - questions, feedback, general abuse, want to affiliate with us - you can do it here.]

***As a reminder in keeping me sane, under the prompt comment thread, when submitting reviews/seconding/thirding/commenting on an existing prompt, click on the "Reply to this" button at the end of that comment. Don't click on "Post a new comment" unless you're posting a new prompt! Also, PLEASE check to make sure your prompt hasn't been requested already.