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The Glee Anonymous Kink Meme

Gleeks Do It Better

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The Glee Anonymous Kink Meme
Welcome to glee_anon_kink, the Glee Anonymous Kink Meme, a fan fiction community with a difference. You don't need to join because there will only be one entry, but you're welcome to watch us.

How Does it Work?
Reply to this entry with a pairing/moresome and a kink. (e.g. Puck/Rachel, sex in public) If an author likes your prompt, they will reply to your comment with a drabble/ficlet. You will then worship them with comments. It’s only fair.

The Rules
Before you do anything, please check the Master List of Prompts to see if your kink has already been requested.

If a kind author has already written your prompt, worship them and if you’re really greedy, request it again.

If your kink has been requested but hasn’t been written yet, please be patient. Requesting it a second time won’t make a difference and it’s annoying to have seventeen requests for Puck giving Quinn a pearl necklace. (But you’re welcome to ‘second’ an existing prompt as that may encourage an author to write it.)

If you don’t write fic, be sure to leave feedback for the other authors because one must give to receive. *wink, wink*

The prompts should warn you of anything that might squick you, but all author's should include the pairing, prompt, rating and any warnings in the subject line (e.g. Finn/Kurt, rimming – NC-17 – Warnings: dub-con). So, as with every other fan fiction community on LJ, if you’re underage and click on a NC-17 fic, shame on you.

It’s up to you whether or not you remain anonymous. But this is an anonymous meme so anonymous posters are welcome here.

Yes, RPF/RPS is allowed but authors, please try to respect the people you are writing about and readers, remember that no-one is claiming that their Mark/Dianna facial fic is OMG!TRUFAX.

Which leads me nicely to the whole point of this comm: it’s somewhere to let loose and indulge all of those naughty little fantasies without worrying about what people will think of you. IT IS NOT SERIOUS BUSINESS.

So, please remember:
No flaming - I know people lose their cool when they go anon so try to contain yourselves.
Don’t like a pairing or a kink? Move onto the next one or get out.

No outing - so you think you’ve guessed who an author is? Good for you! No-one cares so please don’t 'out' them in the comments here, or elsewhere. They obviously want to remain anonymous.

No judging - if you piss someone off, they might not write anything else for other prompts, and where's the fun in that?

Have fun, be filthy - it's all in good fun ;)

If you have anything you want to say about this meme - questions, feedback, general abuse - get in touch here.

Have fun!


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